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Relationship astrology. The composite chart is the chart of a relationship. Composite chart aspects are explained and interpreted. The meaning of the following aspects are presented: Sun conjunct, sextile, trine, square, quincunx, or opposition the Moon.

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Composite Chart: Sun - Moon Aspects

When the composite Sun is conjunct composite Moon: 

There is a true sense of purpose and unity in your relationship. Together you feel stronger than you do individually. At the same time, your relationship is emotionally intense, and it can be hard to create or understand boundaries between you. A possible challenge of this partnership is that you may be so fused together that there is an inability to be objective about your life together. Reactions are spontaneous and not very conscious. Together, you come across as a dynamic and even authoritative, credible couple. You defend one another quickly, and there is a strong protective instinct between the two of you. Sensitivity to the mood swings of one another can be both a strength and a weakness. You may have come together as a unit quickly, and many of the decisions you make are similarly impulsive or rapid. If the relationship is challenging and either of you wants to break free from it, however, it can be difficult to do so. You share many of the same drives and goals.

When the composite Sun is opposition composite Moon: 

Differences in personal backgrounds and habits may not be an issue at the beginning of this relationship, but eventually could be challenging if you treat one another as competitors rather than as team members. This is one of the more binding of aspects to find in a composite chart. There is a sense that you need one another, for better or for worse! It's a partnership that involves much give and take and plenty to learn from each other, as long as you avoid getting into the pitfall of defensiveness.


When the composite Sun is square composite Moon: 

This aspect is a binding one in many ways. You are drawn to be together on a very basic level. At the outset, you are bound to have fun with your differences, perhaps teasing one another about them. However, the closer you get, there can be a tendency for these differences to come up in arguments as well. The differences that once attracted you can become a source of irritation. Each of you should try to avoid getting yourselves in a defensive/offensive frame of mind - a state where you feel the need to defend your lifestyle and opinions by putting down your partner's.


When the composite Sun is sextile or trine composite Moon: 

This is one of the better aspects to have in a composite chart. There is a pleasing balance, or perceived balance, present when it comes to the "give and take" between you, and you are unlikely to feel put upon or dominated by one another. Satisfying feelings of camaraderie exist between you, and this is a very supportive influence. Together, you feel secure and supported.


When the composite Sun is quincunx composite Moon: 

Sample from our Romantic Compatibility report: There is an ongoing sense of friction between you. One or the other will continually be putting on the brakes or preventing the two of you from proceeding full speed ahead in your joint ventures. An unexpected, unplanned for, unintentional burden (financial, health, or otherwise) which one of you brings into the relationship may consume a tremendous amount of your energies. A feeling of being "stuck" or even one of failure may arise. Certainly overcoming or enduring these difficulties is a part of the challenge and reason for your coming together.


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