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Pisces Daily Horoscope: Tomorrow


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July 25, 2014

Shortly into the day, the Sun is in difficult aspect to Chiron, and our confidence may falter. It can be hard to break out onto our own path if we are unsure of what we believe. However, this morning's Mercury-Chiron trine opens up healthy communications and assists problem-solving. The Moon is in Cancer all day. Mars enters Scorpio today after an unusually long stay in the sign of Libra (since December 2013), where it will transit until September 13th. In Scorpio, Mars is driven and focused on getting what it wants. We are persevering, single-minded, and strong. There can be some attraction to crisis if we see it as transformative and emotionally exciting. We are not content with mediocrity during this cycle, and are fascinated with all that is taboo, hidden, or under cover.

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