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The Composite Chart: Aspects

The Composite Chart:

Synastry & Relationship Astrology

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  • Planets in Aspect in the Composite Chart


Planetary Aspects in the Composite Chart


The influences of the aspects between planets in the composite chart can be considered the heart and soul of the relationship. Although any composite chart is complex, with multiple influences to consider, it's helpful to study each planetary aspect in order to understand the energies at play in a relationship.


Composite Sun-Moon aspects
Composite Sun-Mercury aspects
Composite Sun-Venus aspects
Composite Sun-Mars aspects
Composite Sun-Jupiter aspects
Composite Sun-Saturn aspects
Composite Sun-Uranus aspects
Composite Sun-Neptune aspects
Composite Sun-Pluto aspects
Composite Moon-Mercury aspects
Composite Moon-Venus aspects
Composite Moon-Mars aspects
Composite Moon-Jupiter aspects
Composite Moon-Saturn aspects
Composite Moon-Uranus aspects
Composite Moon-Neptune aspects
Composite Moon-Pluto aspects
Composite Mercury-Venus aspects
Composite Mercury-Mars aspects
Composite Mercury-Jupiter aspects
Composite Mercury-Saturn aspects
Composite Mercury-Uranus aspects
Composite Mercury-Neptune aspects
Composite Mercury-Pluto aspects
Composite Venus-Mars aspects
Composite Venus-Jupiter aspects
Composite Venus-Saturn aspects
Composite Venus-Uranus aspects
Composite Venus-Neptune aspects
Composite Venus-Pluto aspects
Composite Mars-Jupiter aspects
Composite Mars-Saturn aspects
Composite Mars-Uranus aspects
Composite Mars-Neptune aspects
Composite Mars-Pluto aspects



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References and Suggested Further Reading:


Planets in Composite: Analyzing Human Relationships (The Planet Series)

Cafe Astrology Review: This slightly older book, dedicated to interpreting the composite chart, is a useful reference. Besides introductory chapters that give an overview of the whole process of casting and reading the composite chart (the chart of a relationship), the book offers case studies as well as delineations of each composite luminary and planet in the houses and in aspect. The Moon's Nodes, and their special meaning in the composite chart, get a whole chapter to themselves, too.  

If you frequent the Astrodienst site, you'll find that their interpretations of the composite chart are pulled from this excellent work. 

The interpretations given in Planets in Composite are insightful; they're also decidedly realistic and practical. Some of them can even sting, which is probably a good thing. 



Composite Charts; The Astrology of Relationships

Cafe Astrology Note: Composite Charts: The Astrology of Relationships is another comprehensive composite chart manual. This book is written by John Townley who is credited with the invention of the wonderful "composite" technique. 

This book interprets the composite planets and nodes in aspect, house, and sign. Both this book and Robert Hand's Planets in Composite (left) are excellent reads, and they complement each other well—instead of overlapping. Townley's writing style is a little more conversational then Hand's. Composite planets in the signs is covered in this work and not in Planets in Composite. I find both books quite useful. If I had to make a choice between these two books when recommending a composite chart manual to a student of astrology, however, I would choose Planets in Composite (left).